A Comprehensive SEO Competitive Analysis That Suits Your Needs

SEO competitive analysis (aka competitive study) is an effective research strategy that helps you to rank better, get more visitors, and make more sales. The magic happens by uncovering SEO hidden opportunities that you might not have noticed otherwise. In other words, competitive SEO analysis does not work if you do it the wrong way. The right way is to think of SEO as a process. Every SEO activity has at least three phases: research, testing, and optimization. Each phase has a goal – to get as much SEO exposure as possible for your site.

Research is the process of gathering information on what your competitors are doing to rank well. For example, what keywords they use, what search terms they rank for, what ads they display, what websites they link to, etc. The best way to collect this information is to crawl the web and analyze your competitors. However, you cannot just scan your competitors’ web pages to collect data. Your analysis must be specific, targeted, and well-written to give a comprehensive picture of your competition. This is where competitive analysis software comes into play.

Once you’ve gathered the right amount of data from your competitors, you can run some basic keyword or SEO analyses. Keyword analytical tools like Overture’s Competition Tool and Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool can help you to identify keywords that are used heavily in your competition but that aren’t being used by your current customers. These keywords would be “chin-tight” ones that only get searching for a few times per month – but that your competitors are ranking for frequently. Optimizing these keywords adds real SEO value.

Test tracking is another important part of competitive analysis. A tool like Google Analytics will show you the number of unique visits to a particular page (and the number of unique visitors who came to that page but didn’t leave the page). It also shows you the number of times each of those visitors clicked on a “link partner” within the site (an ad or link that you’ve placed within your site for them to click on). This tool can be really helpful because it gives you an accurate number of link partners (which means you need to be able to convince your own readers to click on them to move ahead with your campaign.)

Another major competitive analysis tool is backlinks. Backlinks can be a very important part of your SEO success, because Google uses backlinks to judge how authoritative your site is. If you have a large number of high authority backlinks pointing at your page from relevant sites, Google will think your site is very credible and your page is worth a lot of attention. There are several tools available to analyze backlinks, such as Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer, etc.

Finally, we have the most powerful analytical tool – the search robot. The search robot will identify all of your competitors and their backlinking strategies and will identify their keywords. From there, you can look at the competition and figure out what you should do to optimize for that particular area of interest. For instance, if you compete in the health care field and you see that a lot of doctors are trying to rank for the keyword “health”, you might want to focus your optimization efforts on improving your backlinks to those doctors within this niche, rather than trying to rank for the broader term “health care”.

Keyword research is a very important part of competitive analysis. It tells you about what keywords are being used to find your website, which keywords your competitors are using, which keywords potential customers are typing into the search engines to find a solution to the problem you are solving, etc. Without keyword research, you won’t know what your target market is looking for in a solution. The best way to improve your website traffic is to understand your audience and to use the right keywords to attract them. The Ahrefs website traffic engine will help you with this, as will free tools like Google Keyword Research Tool and Free Website Traffic Attractor.

The last thing to discuss in this article is the importance of using backlinks in your optimization efforts. In addition to looking at how you can improve your backlinks, you’ll want to look at ways to improve your website traffic rank, and then you’ll want to look at using the Ahrefs page optimizer from search engine plugin. With all of these tools working in harmony with each other, you’ll be able to easily understand the competition and improve it all from one place. It’s an invaluable tool for any internet marketer who is serious about optimizing their websites for their targeted audience and becoming one of the top sites in their field.