Choosing the Right Link Building Service for Your Website

Link building is the backbone of your SEO strategy. It is also called link building or link juice. Many search engines look at the number of links pointing to a website as a major factor when determining ranking. Therefore, getting others to backlink to you can improve your ranking and bring you more traffic. Here are 5 effective link building strategies.

Article submission – This is the most commonly used link building service strategy. The process involves writing and distributing articles related to your niche to various article directories and blogsites. Your articles should be related to your particular industry or product. If your article is informative, the readers will tend to link to you. Submission to major directories also helps your rankings in search engines. This is one way to build your popularity within the community.

Forum posting – This strategy has been used for many years, by most SEO specialists and companies. There are many forums and blog sites that allow members to leave their comments and suggestions. These discussions on websites and blogs can often lead to creating or accumulating of inbound links. This type of link building service is usually ignored by most online businesses because of the low return on investment. However, there are some websites that allow members to leave an URL linking back to their own websites.

Fathead distribution – One of the most popular and widely used link building services among webmasters worldwide. Fathead is a distribution platform that allows members to upload a “fathead” image of their company or website. The “fathead” image then contains a short description, a logo and a high-quality link building service URL. Each time someone clicks on the link, the webmaster will be charged a fee.

Referral Traffic – This strategy is a way for webmasters to generate high-quality backlinks without paying a fee. Webmasters refer traffic to their own websites through social media, article submission, blog commenting and forum posting. This strategy can lead to building relationships with other webmasters and increase the chance of them referring customers to your website through social media, articles and blog posts. This type of link building service requires a good amount of effort from the owner as they need to actively participate on social media and link back from websites where their customers have left positive comments.

Link Exchanges – This is another popular form of link building services that uses different forms of exchange. This is done by having two different websites with similar content that link to each other and ask other webmasters to post backlinks to their site. For each backlink posted by a webmaster, he gets to post his own link on his website’s backlink profile.

Manual Link Building Agency – This is a great way for webmasters who don’t have time to manually build backlinks. They hire a professional to do it for them. There are pros and cons to this type of service. With this service, you can get higher rankings but you have to pay more. It has been said that using a manual link building agency can bring in more quality links than using a manual link building service alone. The drawback is that you are not sure if the agency is submitting your link because there are many different people involved.

White-hat Link Building – This is an effective method used by online companies to gain backlinks. They are said to be more effective than the rest because they avoid spamming. Using a white-hat approach has its advantages such as faster search engine rankings and getting better results because it is said to get backlinks from sites that have high page rankings.