Competitor Research Online Tools

Competitor research is one of the most critical components for a competitive intelligence tool. It is defined as a strategic assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and potentials of prospective and current competitors. This analysis gives both a defensive and offensive strategic context to identify potential threats and opportunities. Competitor profiling allows one to: Determine the competitive environment, which is continuously evolving and changing. Determine competitors who are most vulnerable, and those whose strengths may be the most significant competitive advantage.

Competitive benchmarking and competitor profiling are the two most important competitive intelligence tools. Competitor research enables you to understand the various aspects of your direct competitors. You can look at the market, product, service and brand characteristics. Each of these aspects is important to understand the competitive environment. Competition affects every business-from supermarkets to multinational corporations.

Competitor profiling is a series of activities aimed at understanding direct competitors, especially from various perspectives. These include: macro-level aspects such as financial strength, market share, customer loyalty and other relevant factors. Micro-level aspects such as market growth, market shares, customer preferences and target markets. All these provide important insights into competitive environment.

Competitor profiling also includes analyzing competitive activity online including social media, search engines, web content, videos, blogs, forums, websites, email marketing, mobile messaging and other channels. The objective of this activity is to gather information relevant to competitors through various channels and to build relevant databases of competitors. It can be done manually or by using advanced tools such as proprietary softwares. Some of the popular components used for Competitor Research include: Comparing competitor keywords and phrases, competitor data, competitor analysis, competitor research resources and competitor intelligence.

Competitor Analysis Tool is a web-based competitive intelligence tool that helps in assessing competitor strength, weakness, trends, link building and competitive threats. Competitor Analysis Tool includes competition intelligence report generator, competitor ranking reports, competitor profiles, links analysis tools, competitor statistic, competitor monitoring and competitor rankings tools. This analytical tool can help companies in different sectors to get a complete picture of current and upcoming competition. It is one of the best tools used for competitive link building.

Competitor Analysis Tool is a simple yet powerful way to gather information relevant to your business and short-term competitors. It makes use of long-term and short-term competitor trends, data, analysis and competitor behavior to provide comprehensive competitor information, insight and action steps to take to position your company and its products and services in an increasingly competitive niche. Competitor Intelligence from PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) helps companies to understand and analyze competitor data. With PWC’s unmatched expertise and research expertise, the Company can anticipate and overcome any competitive challenges, while proactively promoting their brands.

Competitor Analysis Tool also helps you to: Define competitor threats and identify opportunities; analyze current market position and performance; and, make informed decisions about new innovations and market entry strategies. Competitor Intelligence gives you real-time visibility into the online activities of your customers, clients and prospects and allows you to get started on the right foot. Competitor Intelligence is a powerful means of understanding customer behavior and brand loyalty. With a series of tools and features, Competitor Intelligence can help you understand competition and prepare strategies to counter competitors and win customers and clients.

Inbound Competition Monitor Backlinks is another complimentary application from Competitor Intelligence that allows you to quickly view competitor backlinks analysis tools, competitor activity and competitor keywords. With Inbound Competition Monitor Backlinks, you can: Discover new keywords and phrases that your competitors are using; Find out how competitors are linking to you; Find out what keywords and key phrases your competitors are linking to; Find out which sites your competitors are linking to; and, monitor backlinks. With Inbound Competition Monitor Backlinks, you can: Find out what anchor text your competitors are using; Find out if you need to modify your own anchor text; Determine whether your competitor is using a description-based link or a more descriptive one; Determine where in the search results your competitors are appearing; and, analyze the anchor text. Social Media Metrics is a complimentary program from Competitor Intelligence that enables you to analyze social media metrics such as number of visitors, engagement and click-throughs. With Social Media Metrics, you can: Generate Buzz and build your brand; Create and optimize your website and blog; Get more traffic to your site; Monitor and analyze social media analytics; and, build your brand through viral marketing.