How To Perform A SEO Competitive Analysis

Ever since Google’s new, ever-changing Search algorithm, SEO, competition analysis has become even more important than ever before. Since the advent of keyword phrase search, the internet center of the online SEO world is no longer the keyword, but the website. This evolution of SEO strategy and competitive analysis means an altogether different way of competitive analysis for online SEO professionals.

The old ways of internet marketing were about keywords and content, and internet marketers used keywords to rank well on the search engines. SEO was a combination of keyword research, keyword phrases, link building and the search engine optimization strategy. The most popular SEO strategy was to link building or reciprocal linking, which involved getting a link from a website with high organic search engine traffic and then providing a link to the website with higher organic traffic. The other SEO strategy used was to get a blog or website to rank well for one or two keywords or phrases that were related to the keyword or phrases being searched for. This would give the site a higher ranking on the search engine.

The major change in the search algorithm was made when Google implemented their new algorithm. The old algorithm was designed to limit the amount of websites which are visible on search results pages. However, this new algorithm changes the algorithm in such a way that only one out of millions of websites will appear in search results. This means that the new algorithm makes it difficult to rank for specific keywords or phrases, and it makes it very difficult to obtain organic search engine traffic.

Although Google had done this in order to maintain their algorithm as an absolute barometer of quality, this also gives the SEO professional who is not familiar with how to do SEO in this new context the opportunity to make a wrong move. The new SEO strategy requires competitors to re-evaluate how they go about building their websites in order to avoid losing all of the traffic that they have acquired and that their competitors have acquired. This new SEO strategy also requires an analysis of how competitors can work together to acquire more targeted traffic and how to improve their links to the website, which in turn can be directed towards the main website.

To perform an analysis of your SEO competitive strategy, there are three steps that need to be completed. First you will need to identify your competition. Second, you will need to analyze how your competitors are performing against yours, and third, you will need to find out what strategies they are employing to compete against yours. Once you understand the goals of your website and how you will achieve them, you are ready to begin your analysis.

You will need to identify your competition through keyword analysis, keyword phrase analysis and competitor analysis. This process is much easier if you start by using Google’s free keyword research tool. Simply type in a keyword or phrase in quotation marks, hit enter and then check if a list of the most commonly searched for keywords is generated. Then enter the word into the appropriate text box and press search. You will be given a list of related keywords and the frequency with which each keyword is searched for.

It is important to note that this free keyword research tool does not always provide you with the full meaning of the word or phrase, so if you know how to read it you should use an online dictionary to look it up. If you are unable to locate the correct meaning for the word, you may want to use Google’s advanced search tool. Next you will need to identify the competition’s strategies. This can be done by looking at a few sites on the first page of Google and identifying the best performing sites based on organic search engine traffic. By analyzing their websites, and linking them to the ones you intend to link to, you will be able to see what SEO strategy they are employing.

An SEO competitive analysis will require the use of several tools to analyze your competitors and find out what strategies they are employing. One of these tools is called Google’s Keyword Tool. There is also another tool known as the Majestic SEO keyword research tool, which is similar to the above, but has a more detailed analysis and research information.