Keyword Research – An Essential Part of SEO

Keyword research is often referred to as SEO (search engine optimization) and is the process of finding specific words that are used most frequently by search engine spiders to index your website. This is not a new practice but it is very important to take this process seriously as you cannot afford to lose out on potential customers just because you have not done enough keyword research.

Keyword research is essentially an analysis of what keywords people are typing in when they conduct a search. The purpose of this is to determine whether or not your site is relevant to that particular search and also to see if your site is providing the keywords the search spiders are using. Keyword research is part of web content analysis as it gives search engine robots an indication of the general popularity of a given keyword and also an idea of the type of websites which are using that specific keyword. The key to successful keyword research is understanding the importance of the key words and how relevant they are to the search being carried out.

Keyword research can be done manually, but there are many tools which can automate the process. Many search engines provide an advanced tool which can help in the process and can even provide a recommendation to use. Other software can provide a free or paid service where you enter keywords and then let the software go through them to see how frequently they are being entered.

This is not as accurate as a manual analysis and will not show you keyword phrases which are used only to increase your search engine ranking. The main reason for not doing a full keyword analysis is because of the time taken to manually find keywords, particularly long tail keywords. By using software that provides results in a few minutes or hours, you can see which keywords you need to focus on and which keywords your competitors are using.

As well as increasing your search engine ranking by focusing on the keywords you should also do keyword research to make sure you are not doing anything which is unethical. There are many sites on the internet where you can get advice about whether or not certain searches are considered ethical.

Keyword research should be your top priority when you are carrying out any SEO as it will increase the amount of traffic to your site by increasing its visibility on search engines. It also helps in increasing your page rank by showing your site as a popular one.

If you want to do a keyword research on your own, ensure you use the right keywords as these will not always be the same as the search engine spider. You may find that the ones you have listed will not bring you the desired result.

Keyword research can give you a sense of achievement, but if you choose the wrong keywords, you could be missing out on a potentially lucrative market. The better your keyword research the higher your search ranking and the more traffic you will receive.

In order to help you find the most important keyword you should take a good look at the competition. You need to look at the number of articles on a specific subject that the term has been used to and the volume of searches carried out for the keyword.

The volume of searches could include the number of visitors to your site, the number of links pointing to your site and the number of searches performed from within a specific search engine such as Google. When doing this keyword research you should ensure you only use the most popular and highly searched keywords as they will have little competition.

Once you know what keywords you need to focus on, try and identify the most competitive sites in your niche. and then try and find the keywords that they use to get ranked higher.

Keywords are essential if you want to succeed when doing SEO. If you do your keyword research correctly, you will see that it is possible to increase your traffic, increase your page rank and increase your profits.