Keyword Research and Digital Marketing

Keyword research is an essential practice every search engine optimisation expert uses to identify and study search terms that users input into search engines when searching for information, products or services. It can help you increase your online presence in the search engines. The more useful and relevant your site is to users, the higher your site will appear in search results. This in turn means more visitors to your site, more sales and more potential customers.

Keyword Research

The importance of good keyword research cannot be understated for obvious reasons – you do not want to miss out on any prime opportunities for marketing your company or product. If you are just starting out in the field of search engine optimization, then it is especially important to start with the right keywords. As your knowledge of how the search engines work grows, your understanding of the principles which guide the process of searching for keywords will also grow.

So what is keyword research? Well, it is using the internet’s index of ‘keywords’ to analyze the users who are intent on searching for a particular product or service. Each day that goes by without using this strategy means that you are missing out on potential customers or clients. You must learn to recognise and understand the basic principles that guide the process of searching for particular terms so that you can tailor your approach to specific intent.

It is best to choose keywords carefully. In digital marketing parlance this is known as targeted keyword analysis. This is the ability to know and identify those terms users search for, and in doing so, you are able to refine your approach. For example, some people are looking for insurance quotes online, some want a service that provides contact details for executives and others need a website that sells pet supplies. Knowing which keywords to target is the first step to search engine optimisation success.

In digital marketing parlance, keyword research can be split into two major categories; Pay per click (PPC) and Search Marketing. In pay per click campaigns, you will bid for popular keywords. This will drive targeted traffic to your website. The bidding is based on the keywords you have chosen. In a search marketing campaign, you are buying a list of relevant keywords that users are searching for.

There are a number of tools you can use to carry out keyword research. Some of these are free and some cost money. These range from free tools provided by other companies to software you can buy. Software such as Google Keyword Analyzer is very good at helping you identify keywords that rank well for a particular set of searches. Keyword Elite, which is provided by Overture, is also a very good tool for identifying targeted keywords.

The main advantage of using software like Keyword Elite and other tools is that you can easily see how competitors are ranking for a particular set of keywords. By analysing the competition, you will be able to identify which keywords will be more effective. It can also identify the competition for words that do not appear in the list of top ranking keywords. This enables you to target these keywords and get them ranked higher.

You can even carry out keyword research yourself. There are numerous online tools and applications that can help you identify the best keywords and make suggestions about how to optimise your site for them. For example, if you are unsure of how to rank for a particular term, you can use a keyword planner to identify high ranking keywords related to your niche. You can then incorporate these keywords into your digital marketing campaigns.