Tips For Analyzing Your Sites’ Strategies and Rankings

SEO Competitive Analysis

Tips For Analyzing Your Sites’ Strategies and Rankings

SEO competitive analysis is vital to the process of building a profitable SEO strategy. What separates SEO strategies that make a profit from those that don’t? What makes one SEO strategy more profitable than another? These are questions that are vital to the success of any SEO campaign, whether it’s a top ranked PPC campaign or a solid inbound marketing campaign. Through an SEO competitive analysis, an experienced SEO service provider can better pinpoint which SEO techniques are working for their clients, which ones are not optimizing the sites they’re optimizing, and which techniques, if any, are costing them money.

What exactly is an SEO competitive analysis? This is a thorough examination of your direct competitors strategy, as well as the methods, and techniques that they use to achieve their ranking. By studying your direct competitors you gain insight into the factors behind their ranking, the strengths and weaknesses of their SEO tactics, the range of sites they manage, and the range of keywords they use. By doing this analysis you also gain valuable insight into what your direct competitors are doing to increase their ranking. This invaluable information can be used by an SEO service provider to fine tune their own strategies, as well as to help them analyze their client’s competitors.

When performing a competitive analysis a qualified SEO service provider will look closely at every aspect of your direct competition’s website. This includes analyzing the site structure, page titles, meta tags, page descriptions, internal linking structures, competitor analysis, competitor behavior, link popularity and activity, and competitor keywords. A quality SEO analyst should conduct a thorough search of each of the pages of your direct competition.

While many SEO Analysts does not analyze their own websites directly, many SEO services perform competitor analysis for their clients. Competitors’ analysis is very important, because it allows an SEO consultant to understand how to effectively improve their own website. The analysis also allows a client to see if their competitors are using effective SEO tactics, which can make a large difference in the success of their online marketing campaign. Without competitors being analyzed, the SEO consultant cannot understand their client’s goals, strategies, tactics, or any other aspect of their marketing plan.

Another advantage of conducting competitive analysis on your own website is that you will know how to use specific tools and software tools that will allow you to quickly and easily examine the data and figure out the gaps in your Internet marketing campaign. There are many different tools and software applications available to analyze the competition, including Google Analytics, Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, Web Rankings, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Free Searches, Google competitor view, Traffic Ultimatum, Go SEO Pro, Traffic Volume Tools, SEO Elite, Webmaster Central, Social Code Analyzer, SEO By URL, and the Content Tracking Solution. In addition to all of these tools and applications, there are also several free tools and services that can be used to analyze your competitors’ websites.

One important component of an effective competitive analysis is analyzing your keywords. Keywords are very important when it comes to Internet marketing, but they can be particularly challenging if you have a competitive niche. To learn more about the importance of keywords, an SEO analyst can use any of the tools and analytical applications mentioned above to run a keyword analysis. When conducting this analysis, one tip to keep in mind is that it is far easier to rank highly in the search engines with a high volume of inbound links than it is to rank highly in the search engines with a high amount of outbound links.

This tip is especially helpful because it explains why there are so many products and services on the Internet that claim to analyze the competition. A product or service that only analyzes the top competitors’ sites to find out what strategies they used to rank well may not be the most effective, but it may be the first step toward finding a solution to your current problem. The second most important tip to keep in mind is that it is important to examine all of the competitors’ strategies, and not just the top competitors’ strategies. Even if an analyzer finds strategies that are similar to yours that they consider top competitors, it doesn’t mean that those strategies will translate into success for your site.

Another tip to use when analyzing your competitors’ strategies is to conduct a social media analysis. The importance of social media cannot be underestimated, but many people are unfamiliar with how valuable it can be in terms of improving your rankings. This article explains why it is important to conduct a social media analysis and provides some tips on how to prepare an effective competitive analysis report.