Top 2 Secrets to Your Site’s High Rankings

Let’s be real, most of the search engine optimization techniques involve on page SEO. Why? Because they are so valuable to your business in order to generate traffic and conversions.

Do you know that a lot of online entrepreneurs use on page SEO for traffic generation? Yes, it is true! So, in order to boost your site’s rankings and improve your rankings, it is important to get your rankings through these techniques. Here is how:

Anchor Text Links. Think about it – why do people visit your site? They come to see your products or services, and if they are able to find your product or service through an anchor text link, chances are they will be directed to your site.

You can submit your site to the web directories and social bookmarking sites. The more content and links you have out there, the more likely people will visit your site. The more people visit your site, the higher you will climb the rankings.

Write articles about your products and services and include links to your site. This is the best way to drive traffic to your site and at the same time, promote your products and services. If someone finds your article or resource box, chances are they will then click on your link, and your rankings will increase as a result.

Sub-domains. One more way to boost your rankings is to submit your site under a sub-domain. This is the same principle as submitting your site to the web directories and social bookmarking sites.

Your anchor text links must be in the exact location. Your on page SEO will go down with your site if you are using sub-domains. You can use them as long as you follow the rules of the domain.

Google Blogger, WordPress and Yahoo blogs all provide search tools that allow you to automatically submit your site to popular anchor text link provider. Google has actually started accepting submissions through these tools, so your on page SEO is not in jeopardy.

You want to have a lot of good copy. Use SEO copy on your site and incorporate keywords into the copy as well. This will create a link back to your site.

Videos. Include videos in your marketing arsenal. Using video marketing to your advantage will create some serious sales, but there are also other ways to use videos.

Make sure you are choosing videos that are relevant to your niche and topic. For example, if you are promoting an article marketing strategy, pick videos about copywriting and content writing.

You can submit your site to the web directories as well as to social bookmarking sites and article submission sites. Make sure your articles are original and only use original content.