Website Audit Service – 5 Points to Consider When Hiring One

A website audit service is like a regular doctor’s visit – where a doctor goes to a clinic for a regular medical exam. One is just to find out whether they’re healthy for running and for the older man, is to test if there’s any sign of cancer or aging. But what exactly should a website audit service look for? What should the website look like?

First, it’s important to determine how long the website has been up and running. If it’s been around for more than six months, it may be best to consider that a website may be more than a passing curiosity for many potential visitors. If a website has been running for a little over six months, there’s no need to worry. Most people will never bother with the site unless they have some reason to do so.

Another thing to look at is the page layout. There are many different design styles and colors that can change the look of a website dramatically. This is important because when visitors view a website, they’ll likely be able to instantly tell what information and features are located in each page. The pages that look best together are those that convey the main points of the site.

Now here’s something that web browsers are becoming better at detecting: broken links. Broken links are easy to spot because the browser will send the page to the search engine instead of displaying it. However, if the link is broken, it might be difficult to identify and many web users will pass the link by. It’s essential for a website audit service to look for these broken links on a regular basis.

The quality of the text on the website is also something to take into consideration. Some users do not like reading lengthy paragraphs that contain spelling errors. Others may have problems with seeing pictures and images. If a website has poor text and confusing graphics, it’s likely that the visitors are looking for something else on the internet and won’t stick around long enough to read the entire text.

The usability of the website is another area that needs to be looked at. People often visit websites for reasons such as shopping, entertainment, news, and research. So a website that makes the visitor feel uninterested or unable to make any headway with the information presented could be more trouble than it’s worth. It may be that the content is too vague or the navigation too hard to follow. While the content and navigation are two separate things, they are often interrelated, so it’s imperative that both aspects are looked at together.

The amount of traffic the website gets is another important consideration. There may be several reasons why a website has a lot of traffic, but a website that has a large number of visitors should be looked at closely. Visitors may be interested in purchasing a product or service on the site or simply using the site for entertainment. If a site is only popular because people are bored, it’s likely to be a time-saver.

Finally, look for usability. Does the website to meet the needs of its visitors or is it confusing and unresponsive. If the site is hard to navigate or contains broken links, a website audit service may want to consider a rewrite. If the site is broken or requires a lot of effort to use, the chances are that people will move on in search of something easier to use. If a site has broken links and/or requires a lot of work to use, it’s best to consider moving on in search of new options.