What Is SEO Content Writing?

When it comes to search engine optimization, the two terms are often used interchangeably. Both SEO copywriting and content writing are important for your website, but they both serve different purposes. This difference matters less because the results they produce differ drastically too. Therefore, you cannot consider them as equal. That said, let us look at how they work together and which one is more effective for your needs.

First of all, you must remember that SEO content writing is an important tool in your arsenal. It will not necessarily turn your website into a major success, but it certainly can help you climb that hill. What’s more content writing is not some vague, generalized term. It is a specific art form, refined over the years, that has found a place in the modern world of SEO. As such content writers are paid based on the amount of traffic they are able to generate for a client’s website. Thus, the art of SEO content writing pays dividends.

The difference between the two lies in the emphasis placed on specific keywords. Keywords serve SEO purposes in two ways: first, they help search engines understand what the site is about; and second, they help bring the traffic to the site. So, keywords should be placed liberally in the content, though the focus should not be entirely on them. Instead, the focus should be on the rest of the content: the title, the keywords, the description (if there is one), the call-to-action, etc. In this way, the site will not only come up on Google and Yahoo’s, but will also come up in other search engines as well. It’s that powerful!

SEO writing is therefore important because it is the backbone to online marketing. When done right, it can increase the number of visitors to a site – which, put simply, is the goal. The number of visitors alone is an indicator of whether or not the SEO content was effective: if a site doesn’t get many visitors, SEO isn’t working – but on the opposite end of the spectrum, if a site gets tons of visitors, then SEO is working like a charm!

In addition to helping the SEO aspect of the equation, SEO content writing also has to be entertaining. While the content itself will provide useful information, what’s more important is the “hook” that draws readers in. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money and marketing efforts on a site that, once someone lands on it, wants to just leave without spending a second.

SEO writing shouldn’t be too difficult either. Basic grammar and spelling should be present, and there shouldn’t be too much grammatical noise. The main goal is to make sure that the content can be read in its entirety. That means using simple English and avoiding those “I’M SORRY” type text messages you commonly see.

Don’t forget that you’re trying to increase the overall value of your site. That means having links that point back to it from other relevant sites, as well as having your keywords strategically placed throughout the piece. Having a piece that reads well, with interesting tidbits, is an excellent way to increase traffic and draw attention to your website.

Finally, in addition to a great piece of content, you need a great website. A quality website can make the difference between success and failure – so it’s really important that you consider this when looking to hire an SEO writer. After all, the goal is to get people to your site and convert them, so you want a website that’s easy to navigate and informative. When it comes down to it, the content of your website is what will determine the success of your site – so make sure that you get the best SEO content writing possible. With the right SEO writer, you can rest easy knowing that your investment into a content writing service will be returned in full.